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2014-01-05 10:09 am
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Trope Bingo Card

marriage celebratory kiss in vino veritas / drunkfic au: romance novel au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal
rivals to lovers chosen family immortality / reincarnation snowed in au: fusion
au: apocalypse unrequited love / pining FREE

epistolary au: historical
trapped in a dream first time / last time sharing a bed trust and vows presumed dead
metafiction character in distress handcuffed / bound together futurefic au: college / highschool
llstarknakedpatriotll: Steve and Tony New Future (Default)
2014-01-04 08:33 pm
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First Post

Greetings, this is my standard, awkward, I have no idea what to say intro post.
I'll maybe try and keep this properly updated, but I am so much better at running my tumblr.

I started a Live Journal back in 2002, which is like the dawn of man these days, or so I've been told. I should be posting fic updates, and potentially bitching about things here, and if we're lucky, not deciding ten years in that I should private lock everything because it's easier than deleting stupid posts I made eight years ago.


- Stark Naked Patriot

[Don't worry, I won't sign anymore posts like a pretentious ass.]